Whisky glasses

After winning the 20Queen’s Award for Innovation the Glencairn whisky glass has earned its place on the bar. Often considered the best of the best when it comes to whisky vessels, the iconic Glencairn Whisky Glass boasts a short but sturdy base and a tulip-shaped body . A drop of whisky becomes a huge pleasure from a favourite glass.

From classic heavy weight tumblers to decorated and cut options there is a fine choice for . Is there such a thing as the best whisky glass? We find out by comparing Glencairn, Reidel, Vinum, and Copita styles to discover the best. This article looks at glasses like whisky tumblers and the Glencairn whisky glass, and how. The Riedel Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass (Available on Amazon).

Glassware is often designed to look beautiful on a table but companies such as Riedel have spent years perfecting glasses to maximise your drinking pleasure. Huge variety of handsome whiskey glasses and scotch glasses in cool styles such as Glencairn, Copenhegan, traditional, and Made Men style .

The Glencairn whisky glass is a style of glass developed by Glencairn Crystal Lt Scotland for drinking whisky. Originally designed by Raymond Davidson, . There’s a whisky glass for every type of whisky fan – find the perfect one for you. The tulip-shaped glass (aka the copita-style glass, the dock glass).

Our exclusive line of superior drinkware, like our engraved beer mugs and pint glasses, are perfect for personalizing any bar collection or kitchen. Buy Sagaform Round Bottom Whisky Glasses, Set of Clear Online at johnlewis. Buy Dartington Crystal Personalised Exmoor Old Fashioned Whisky Glass .

Norlan is an international brand focused on modernizing the whisky drinking experience through design, science, and ritual. Find great deals on for Whiskey Glasses in Collectible Glasses, Cups and Mugs. Whisky glasses and tumblers to enhance the aroma and taste of whisky or blended whiskies or present as gift sets – such as the popular Glencairn glass.

Find out which glass is suited best for enjoying your favorite whisky. Norlan is raising funds for The Norlan Whisky Glass on Kickstarter! Combining design, science, and sociology for the perfect whisky drinking .