Italian coffee

Capsule e cialde compatibli Lavazza, Nespresso e molti altri marchi. A guide to the Italian coffee drinks you’ll find in Italy. The various types of coffee drinks and how to order them when in Italy: espresso, cappuccino, caffe freddo, .

I once met an Italian who didn’t drink coffee. He made light of the fact, but you could see that he was tired of having to explain his disability . In Italy coffee is synonymous with espresso. Ask for a coffee in a bar from Trieste to Palermo and you will be presented with an espresso.

Although the coffee plant grows in an equatorial climate and is not native to Italy, the Bel Paese has maximised the beverage’s potential by introducing . Introduced in the 1500s, il caffe has developed its own world in Italy. Learn how to blend in at any Italian bar with our guide to Italian coffee culture!

Visitors to Italy contemplating their first real cappuccino should remember that they’re in quasi-sacred territory. Compacta e versátil, Select é uma das máquinas de café ideal para espaços limitados devido sua dimensão e fácil utilização. Franquicia de café ubicada en Puebla que también distribuye maquinaria para café.